The Essentials for Cats and Dogs (Combo Pack)

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Relieve Pet Anxiety & Stress: Zampa’s cat and dog calming drops is here to help your four-legged friend deal with the anxiety of separation, travel, grooming, or even thunderstorms! Just a few drops will help promote relaxation, calmness, and take the edge off.

  • Proven Calming Ingredients: Zampa's dog anxiety relief drops are formulated by vets with high-grade ingredients. The formula is 100% free from nasties or any sedatives, making it completely safe for your beloved pet. Non-GMO, vegan and vegetarian friendly, made in the USA.
  • For Pets of All Ages: Zampa’s pet calm drops is well tolerated, safe, gentle, and natural with no known side effects; It can be used on dogs and cats of all ages and is recommended to help support balanced behavior.
  • Mess-Free Dropper Cap for Fuss-Free Use: Designed for your convenience with a dropper cap, Zampa's liquid supplement for pets is mess and fuss free and also very easy to use. You can drop the recommended amount directly into the mouth, or mix it with your pet’s food (wet or dry) or water.
  • Recommended by Vets: Zampa's instant tamer drops for dogs and cats are formulated by vets with high-quality ingredients to ensure your pet is receiving a safe supplement.

100% Pure Methyl B12 for Cats & Dogs: Zampa's drops contain natural, bioavailable, non-synthetic vitamin B 12 which is easier for the body to break down into its usable form and is superbly more effective than its artificial counterpart, cyanocobalamin.

  • Vitality-Boosting Cat & Dog Supplement: Keep your pet's immune and nervous systems healthy with Zampa's high absorption Vitamin B 12 supplement! Made in USA. A veterinarian formulation for all your pet's supplemental needs!
  • Easy to Serve Liquid Vitamins for Dogs & Cats: Your pet will beg for more of this tasty supplement! Manufactured using the highest standards, a daily dose is as easy as adding drops to their food, water or giving separately.
  • Vitamin B Complex for Cats and Dogs: Great for senior pets, this liquid supplement includes beneficial amounts of the B complex vitamins which aid in energy levels by regulating glucose conversion.
  • Recommended by Vets: Zampa's B 12 vitamins for dogs and cats are formulated by vets with high-quality ingredients to ensure your pet is receiving a safe supplement.

Organic Milk Thistle for Cats & Dogs: Help support normal liver function in your pet with this pet health supplement that includes a blend of vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants to help remove toxins and strengthen pet immunity. High in silymarin and other active compounds

  • Detoxify & Purify with Powerful Ingredients you can trust: Our product contains Milk Thistle Extract, Dandelion and Turmeric Curcumin to provide renal, immune, heart, brain, and liver support. Healthy Liver and Kidneys is a Happy Life! Your pup deserves only the best
  • Liver Care for Dogs of All Breeds & Sizes: Zampa’s liquid milk thistle for dogs makes supporting your dog liver health simple! Zampa’s easy-to-serve, natural liquid formula can be mixed with food, water or given as a daily treat
  • Bad Liver? Here's What to Look For - If you notice weight changes, fatigue, bloating, vomiting, loose stool, or excessive thirst, your pup's liver might need some TLC. Zampa's drops with premium ingredients may provide additional support for your dog's liver activity!
  • Made in the USA from US and Globally Sourced Ingredients - All our products are made in the USA and are veterinarian approved as well as hypoallergenic. Our milk thistle liquid formula may help with liver detox and bring overall liver support for your pet.

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